Tapers down.  (at www.gabrielaartigas.com)

Pearls on her hand @deskohan

Last nights sparkles for The Weekend.  (at Hollywood Bowl)

New in at @deskohan #GabrielaArtigasxDesKohan (at Des Kohan )

Everything is time sensitive.

Me and my jewels 📷 by @otherpeoplesjewelry

more EXQUISITEness inside


brian james 

Photographed by Pelle Crépin for COS
more EXQUISITEness inside


Heather Guertin

Hello San Fransisco, The Infinite Tusk Reloaded pendant is now available @_no_3

The California sun is blinding him.  (at Gabriela Artigas & Co)

The Artigas Sisters

SFO Arrest • 1969
Resisting Arrest by San Francisco Airport Police